Join LWFF filmmakers and friends for dinner inside the theater building on Saturday and Sunday evenings. In addition to being a convenienct way to refuel between the afternoon and evening films, attendees will be treated to great food catered from Wanderlinger, tastings by Chattanooga Whiskey, two Wanderlinger beers and a great panel discussion from visiting filmmakers. Advance purchased required (below).

This is a great opportunity to learn the story behind the stories from several of your favorite films.

The exact panel lineup is still being finalized, but we expect folks from either on-screen or behind the lens from the following films:



Films with panelists: Flowing Air, Mecca in the Making, A Couple of Screws Loose and Ascend.

Menu: Ramen and fried rice. Steamed rice buffet with sesame chicken, beef and broccoli and tofu, veggies, tons of toppings.



Films with panelists: The Conservation Kid, Walls of Faith

Sunday’s dinner will also feature an author talk from Patrick Dean who will discuss his two books A Window into Heaven  and Nature’s Messenger. Attendees will receive a copy of A Window to Heaven, which tells the story of the first ascent of Denali.

Menu: Soup and grilled cheese buffet. French onion ‘Stout of Tune’ soup, chunky tomato bisque, vegan veggie stew. Cheddar and provolone grilled cheese, ancho pimento cheese grilled cheese and American/Swiss grilled cheese. Vegan grilled cheese available on request. Salad bar and tons of toppings

Saturday dinner signup

SUNDAY dinner signup