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The festival

Through our Advocacy Expo, LWFF has been proud to host hardworking outdoor and conservation non-profits doing meaningful work around the Chattanooga region. LWFF’s Advocacy Expo connects you with hundreds of outdoor and conservation enthusiasts from around our region watching films that put them in the mindset to take action. At LWFF 2024, we’re excited to welcome 11 groups to the Advocacy Expo on Jan. 13. Please follow the four steps below to reserve your spot. But first, here are a few details:
    • Plan to have your booth set up by 12:30 p.m. on Saturday.
    • Booths will be set up in the Walker Theater Balcony Foyer.
    • Prime times for interaction are before the 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. films and at the intermissions.
    • Booth reps are welcome to go into the theater to watch the films.
    • Plan to break down the booth and head out after evening intermission (around 8:45).
    • Each group will get two lanyards at the VIP checkin that gain you admittance to the theater. IF YOU HAVE DIFFERENT REPS IN THE AFTERNOON AND EVENING, THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SWAPPING THE LANYARDS BETWEEN YOUR TWO CREWS. Our VIP desk can hold the lanyards between the show, but without the lanyards your reps will need to buy a ticket.
    • As part of the advocacy expo, we will be run your logo on screen all weekend as part of our intermission slides.
We have a limit of 11 tables so grab your spot quickly. Once we fill the spots, we will keep a waiting list. LWFF reserves the right to deny a spot from any applicant that A) isn’t a non-profit or B) doesn’t align with LWFF’s mission and values.

Step 1: Fill out form

Step 2: Upload your logo

Please upload a good quality logo:

Step 3: Pay Up

If you plan to pay online, please pay here:

Otherwise please either bring a check to the festival or mail it to Lookout Wild Film Festival, PO Box 341 Hixson TN 37343.

Lookout Wild Film Festival 

PO Box 341 
Hixson, TN 37343

Step 4: share

Share Information about LWFF to you email list and social media channels.

LWFF Graphics:

List of films if you want to mention some applicable to your group: LWFF.org/films

Sample text for messages:
[The Lookout Wild Film Festival showcases wild places and the people they inspire with the best outdoor adventure and conservation films from around the world right here in Chattanooga Jan. 11-14. GROUP NAME is proud to have a booth at the Advocacy Expo on Saturday in order to spread our message with LWFF attendees. We’d love for GROUP NAME members to show up in force at the festival. Please visit LWFF.org for a full list of films and to purchase tickets.]

Thank you for joining us at LWFF and more importantly, thank you for the work you do making Chattanooga and the surrounding reason a better place!