The Lookout Wild Film Festival is  dedicated to celebrating adventure,  conservation, and the diversity of the outdoor community through inspiring and captivating films.  We invite you to join this journey with us.

Sold Out Crowd

Sponsors gain exposure to 4000+ targeted festival attendees over a weekend as well as thousands more at our year-round film nights, tour events and online screenings.


Reach an engaged, diverse, affluent audience who spend an average of $6,000 each year on outdoor activities: a wide age range of consumers who are passionate about outdoor adventure and sustainability.

Enjoy prominent visibility across our marketing channels, including social media, event posters, programs, and merchandise, including our famous festival shirts.  Highlight  your commercials on screen to your target audience throughout the weekend.

Connect with a wide  age range of outdoor enthusiasts, including climbers, boaters, runners, hikers, bikers, cavers, environmental activists and more – your base.


  • BRAND EXPOSURE Gain visibility and recognition among a wide ranging audience of outdoor enthusiasts and film lovers.
  • COMMUNITY Connect with an engaged community of over 4,000 attendees – passionate about outdoor adventures and environmental conservation.
  • NETWORKING Expand your network and forge valuable partnerships with like-minded companies and individuals.
  • IMPACT Show your commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship through association with our eco-friendly event.  Join us on a journey that educates, entertains, and inspires audiences. Partner with us and become part of a movement that champions the beauty and importance of our natural world.

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Join us in celebrating the wonders of nature, while inspiring others to embrace outdoor adventure. To get involved or to view our sponsor deck, please submit the following form and someone will get back to your shortly.